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Camp Mutty Paws

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2013 Beecher Road, Plano, IL, 60545

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Every reservation includes:

  • one on one outs to one of our 4 large play yards every 2hrs
  • Afternoon Playtime
  • Yummy stuffed kong
  • Beds, Bowls & Blankets
  • Medication Administration

At Camp Mutty Paws we believe every camper should have an enriching boarding experience. Campers receive lots of one-on-one time in one of our large 6ft fenced play yards. Every yard is equipped with lots of fun things to explore & build confidence. We have logs to balance on, play equipment to climb, agility hoops & tunnels to master, lots of toys & of course pools in the summertime.

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Room Options


3'x6' indoor + 3'x8' outdoor

1 dog: $33/Day

2 dogs: $56/Day

3 dogs: $73/Day

High demand rates are an additional $5/day per dog

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Perfect for the social pup who likes to be right in the action. Our standards comfortably fit most single dogs & small families.


5'x5' indoor + 5'x4' outdoor

1 dog: $51/Day

2 dogs: $68/Day

3 dogs: $83/Day

4 dogs: $95/Day

High demand rates are an additional $5/day per dog

Our cabins offer a quieter setting with only 5 rooms in each. Cabins are also set apart from the hussel & bussel of our main building

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6'x7' indoor + 6'x20' outdoor

1 dog: $53/Day

2 dogs: $70/Day

3 dogs: $85/Day

4 dogs: $99/Day

High demand rates are an additional $5/day per dog

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Our largest room offers plenty of space for families, large breed duos or just any pup who is in need of some more space.


High Demand


Jan 1st to Jan 3rd

March 20th to April 1st

May 25th to Sept 9th

Nov 20th to Dec 2nd

Dec 20th-31st

Jan 1st-3rd 2025





Half Day

Drop off 7a-8a

pick up 11:30a-12:30p

Full Day

Drop off 7a-8a

pick up 4:30p-5:30p

Full day $37

Half Day $28

All day Play & Enrichment activities

Interested in joining daycare?

email us at campmuttypaws@gmail.com.

for more information & to set up your meet & greet!




Our dayboarding campers follow the same schedule as our overnight campers.

One on one time in one of our play yards every 2 hours, afternoon playtime & a yummy interactive toy.

Our dayboarding campers do not have interaction with dogs outside of their family. Check out our daycare for social play!

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What vaccinations are required?

We require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo & Bordetella. to be up to date to board with u.s.

Does my dog need to be altered to board?

Nope! We only require that our daycare dogs over 6mo of age be altered.

My dog doesn't like other dogs, can I board still?

Absolutely! Our boarding campers do not interact with dogs outside of their family.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No way! We love our pittie, rottie, cane corso, etc. campers!

What time can I drop off/pick up my dog?

Our drop off and pickup times for boarding and dayboarding campers are 8am-12pm & 4pm-6pm, 7 days a ​week, with the exception of major US holidays. If you arrive outside of those times, you will be asked to ​return during the designated hours.

What rooms have outdoor runs?

All of our rooms have an attached individual outdoor run. We allow our campers to have free access to ​their outdoor area weather permitting.

Are the dogs kept in AC/heated accommodations?

Of course! All our rooms have heat in the winter and AC in the summer. During extreme weather, we will ​adjust outside time as needed to maintain our camper's health and safety.

do I need to bring bed/blanket/bowl/etc?:

We have cots, blankets, beds and bowls. We also have toys for outdoor play. We welcome you to bring ​items that will make them most comfortable during their stay. Please keep in mind that while your pup may ​not destroy their bed/blanket/toy/etc at home, boarding is a much different environment and while our ​campers swear, they're innocent, sometimes things don't always survive their stay.

My dog is on medication, can you administer it during their stay?

Yep! Plenty of our campers have medications they need to take while staying with us. Be sure to give us all ​medication information on check in. If your dog has special medical needs give us a call to see if we ​would be a good fit for them.

My dog has special feeding needs, can you accommodate that?

We sure can! Make sure we are aware of any special feeding needs when you check in with your pup.

My dog has reactive behaviors, can you accommodate that?

We are very lucky to have a set up that allows us to be able to safely care for dogs with a wide range of ​reactive behaviors. If you're concerned about your dog boarding due to reactive behaviors, give us a ​call, we'd be happy to see if we may be a good fit.

Do I bring my dogs food?

While, we do offer house food (Fromm adult chicken and rice), we recommend bringing your dogs food ​for their stay. House food is an additional $4/day/dog.

Can my dog go to daycare when they board?

Dogs must be a daycare member in order to participate in daycare while boarding. We are happy to set up a ​meet and greet prior to your dogs stay with us and then do their test day while they are boarding with ​us. To maintain membership in daycare, campers must attend daycare a minimum of twice a month.

Are you open on holidays? No, we are not open for drop offs and pick ups on all major holidays. Rest ​assured our handlers are still hard at work providing care to all our campers 365 days a year.

What is the cancelation policy?: Reservations during non peak dates require 48hrs notice in order to get ​a refund of the deposit. Any reservations during peak dates requires 7 day notice in order to receive a ​refund of the deposit

Have another question? Call or text us at 630-553-7829 or email us at campmuttypaws@gmail.com

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2013 Beecher Road, Plano, IL, 60545


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